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First 15 Minutes

The first 15 minutes on the job are the most important minutes of an employee’s career with you. Learn the importance of proper employee onboarding and orientation.

All about the people

Talent was founded to address the need for a more holistic approach to workforce development.

Attracting and hiring good people is just one piece of a larger puzzle. To hire good people recruitment must lead to employee retention.

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By activating our 30+ years of experience and in-depth expertise, we help build solutions to tackle your employment needs. Our team understands the needs of your industry and works with you, as a candidate or a business, to help you progress.

Temporary Employment Services

Finding the right people to effectively and efficiently fit and fill your business needs at the right time.

Job Seekers

With our vast network of companies across the Midwest, we have opportunities others don’t, so you can get jobs others can’t.

Direct Hire

Our personalized approach for clients and candidates helps you find the talent you need and create interest in the jobs you need to fill.

Workforce Consulting

Find solutions to achieve your goals and improve your workforce. Build sound strategies to drive financial expectations.


We combine sourcing and hiring best practices with emerging strategies to make your staffing needs as easy as possible.

Areas of Expertise

At Percipio Workforce Solutions, we deliver industrial workforce hiring solutions that will succeed within your culture.

Areas of Expertise

We’re reshaping the future of resourcing and consulting for industrial employment at all levels. By making the right connections, we help ambitious companies and people positively create meaningful retention long-term.

“Jim Roy hasn’t just helped us grow our family-owned business, he’s helped us make our business an even better place to work. From working with us to find the best new employees as we grow, to connecting us with new resources for professional development, Jim cares about the whole picture of our small business. He is like a member of our team, is incredibly easy to schedule time with and work with, and truly cares about the performance of our business, the satisfaction of our employees, and our goals as business owners.”

– Liz, Business Owner
Workforce Consulting Client

“Jim and his organization were refreshing to work with. He managed every step and was a familiar face for each interview. Jim was transparent and motivating. I recommend Jim to everyone looking for a recruiter to find their next career move. It made the whole process more manageable and I don’t think I would have successfully made the jump from a Finance Assistant to an Executive Director without his help. I thank Jim for helping me find my perfect fit.”

– Tomi, Executive Director
Direct Hire Client

“The Percipio Workforce Solutions team is full of the most professional, caring, trustworthy recruiters I have ever encountered. They remained attentive throughout my entire career search and were always available when I had questions. They even helped prepare me for all of my interviews. They were by my side every step of the way and made sure I was clear with all expectations of the position. They continue to call and check to see how things are going! I would highly recommend calling Percipio Workforce Solutions to help with your next career opportunity, they are the BEST!”

– Andrew, Production Manager
Direct Hire Client

“Jim is one of the best trainers I have ever engaged with. He is incredibly knowledgable and has a true passion for his work which shines through in every training. He listens and asks questions that really make you think. Jim helps to inspire and re-ignite the flame within our business. We have been doing our role for over 40 years combined and we know there is ALWAYS something to learn and think about. Jim gave us so many great ideas to help us take the next steps within our organization. In addition, he gave us really great insight on better ways to serve our customers. We walked away truly invigorated and excited to fulfill our roles again.”

– Liz, Business Owner
Workforce Consulting Client

“My journey with Percipio Workforce Solutions started because I wasn’t happy with my work/life balance. They spent time getting to know me personally and finding out what I wanted in life and in my career. They listened to me and asked many pointed questions. With every question and answer, I felt as though they truly cared about what I wanted out of a career and company. It felt as though I was working with my friends.”

– Lenny, Production Supervisor
Direct Hire Client

“The Percipio Workforce Solutions team rocks! I can’t thank them enough for all the time, dedication, and compassion they gave me throughout this process. Getting this job opportunity while still having time to spend with my family in the evening is a dream come true. The gift package I received on my first day was the cherry on top. I am so appreciative of the Percipio Workforce Solutions team. I cannot thank them enough!”

– Aaron, Production Supervisor
Direct Hire Client