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Areas of Expertise

At Percipio Workforce Solutions, we deliver industrial workforce hiring solutions that will succeed within your culture.

The industrial sector talent pool is not as large as it used to be – which makes it more important than ever to expand your reach.

We actively connect the right talent and recruit them before your competitors then offer workforce solutions, so you retain talented employees.

Our Areas of Expertise

Creative recruitment advertising

We have strong relationships with advertising agencies that focus on recruitment marketing. You will benefit from our connections in the Human Resources industry.

Interactive employee onboarding

Create an engaging and interactive onboarding experience with team members that’s engaging, inspiring, and employee-centered. Getting onboarding right is critical for the success of both the employee and the company.

Written and well-planned training plans

Establish your goals through thoughtful strategies and figure out what you need to successfully achieve them. With our expertise, we will guide you through strategic, financial, and operational planning to accomplish hiring goals.

Employee feedback sessions

Feedback is important. We guide you through setting goals for feedback sessions. The conversation is to talk about what team members should start and stop doing in the workplace.

Retention goal setting and execution

Employee retention is consistently a great concern for companies today. Through consultation, we provide you with the guidance necessary for building a well-developed retention strategy.

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