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People of Percipio:
The Inspiring Journey of Duhvall Veasley

March 5, 2024


Born and raised in Iowa, Duhvall’s life journey took him to places far and wide, experiencing the world beyond the cornfields. For three decades, he owned and operated a successful catering business, showcasing his culinary talent at the prestigious World Food Festival multiple times.

However, life took an unexpected turn when health issues forced him to step away from his culinary business. Undeterred, Duhvall found a new purpose – working to support his daughter’s dream of becoming a doctor. She is a graduate with honors in the top 10% of her class from Iowa State and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in nutrition studies at the University of Illinois-Champaign.

A single father for much of her childhood, Duhvall and his daughter share a special bond. Despite facing personal challenges, he continues to support her financially, sending her the earnings from his current job to alleviate the burden of education and living expenses. Duhvall beams with pride as he talks about the incredible person his daughter has become.

Journey to PWS

Duhvall’s three decades as a business owner honed a diverse set of skills. Wearing multiple hats, from dishwasher to negotiator to restaurateur, he developed a work ethic that thrives without constant supervision. His ability to handle various responsibilities independently and efficiently makes him a valuable asset in any work environment.

After a successful entrepreneurial journey, Duhvall found Percipio Workforce Solutions through an Indeed posting. Intrigued by the job description and the promise of a dynamic work environment, he decided to embark on a new chapter with PWS.

The Hiring Experience

Duhvall commends the recruiter for their business-like approach during the hiring process. Despite the busy nature of the recruitment period, he felt attended to and appreciated the clear communication throughout. The recruiter’s efficiency in communicating the role, company culture, and expectations left a positive mark on Duhvall.

Clear and precise communication continued to be a theme as Duhvall transitioned into his new role. The transparency in setting expectations beforehand eliminated surprises, providing a smooth onboarding experience. The recruiter’s support in preparing for interviews by providing detailed job descriptions and insights into the interview process was crucial for Duhvall’s confidence.

For Duhvall, communication is paramount in his current role. From order supplies to day-to-day tasks, effective communication ensures he can perform his job seamlessly. His supervisor’s proactive approach in quickly ordering necessary supplies reflects the company’s commitment to supporting its employees.

Professional Pride

While Duhvall takes pride in his professional journey, his eyes light up when discussing his daughter’s accomplishments. Her pursuit of a Ph.D. in nutrition studies exceeds the dreams he had for her, showcasing the bond between father and daughter.

Reflecting on the Journey

Duhvall describes the hiring process with Percipio Workforce Solutions as smooth and quick. Comparing it favorably to experiences with other companies, he praises the efficiency and professionalism exhibited by PWS.

In conclusion, Duhvall recommends Percipio Workforce Solutions to fellow job seekers. He rates his overall experience with PWS as five stars, highlighting the clear communication, smooth process, and the genuine support he received throughout his journey.

Duhvall Veasley’s story with Percipio is not just about finding a job; it’s about embracing a new chapter with a company that values communication, support, and the unique stories that each employee brings to the table.

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