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The Economic Advantage of Temporary Hiring Services Over In-House Recruitment

April 26, 2024

In today’s competitive business environment, efficiency in hiring is more crucial than ever. But did you know that the traditional process of hiring a single employee can be surprisingly costly and time-consuming? At Percipio Workforce Solutions, we understand that every dollar and every hour counts, and we’re here to show you a better way.

 Hiring a new employee involves several stages—each consuming valuable resources. Consider the typical costs associated with hiring one employee:

1. Posting Job: Crafting and posting a job description might seem simple, but it costs about $60 and takes up valuable HR time.

2. Review of Applications: Sorting through an average of 100 applications costs around $150 in HR labor.

3. Prescreening Candidates: Verifying applicants’ credentials takes time and adds another $150 to the cost.

4. Interview Preparations: Organizing and preparing for interviews costs $100.

5. Interviewing Candidates: The most intensive part of the process, interviewing candidates, not only costs $400 but also involves significant time investment.

6. Offer Screening & Vetting: Finalizing the hire with background checks and other screenings costs $150.

Overall, hiring just one employee can total over $1,000 and 29 hours of work—an enormous investment for any business.

Why Choose Temporary Hiring Services?

With Percipio Workforce Solutions, you bypass many of these costly and time-consuming steps. Our temporary employment services streamline the hiring process, allowing you to:

  • Reduce Operational Costs: We handle the vetting, interviews, and administrative details, which means you pay less in overhead and reduce the time your team spends on hiring.
  • Flexibility: Temporary staff can be scaled up or down based on your current business needs, offering you agility that traditional hiring can’t match.
  • Speed: We can quickly place pre-vetted, qualified candidates in your positions, significantly cutting down the time it takes to fill vacancies.

In Conclusion

Choosing Percipio Workforce Solutions for your staffing needs isn’t just a matter of filling positions quickly; it’s about making a strategic decision that impacts your bottom line positively. Let us handle the complexities of staffing so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.

For more details on how our services can help save you time and money, visit Percipio Workforce Solutions or call us at (816) 668-8853.

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About Jim Roy
Des Moines, IA

Jim has 25 years of experience in the fields of staffing, recruiting, and human resources. After touring over 2,100 manufacturing and warehouse facilities in his career, Jim has developed workforce best practices that can be utilized to improve retention and reduce turnover. The staffing industry allowed Jim to learn many lessons in business, ranging from staff management to recruiting techniques and a healthy dose of acquisition activity. Jim earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and is the proud father of three girls.

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